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Human Heat "All Is Too Much"

If you’ve enjoyed Alex Schaaf’s work with Yellow Ostrich in the past, then buddy, do I have some exciting news for you! (and no, the exciting news isn’t that I’ve taken to calling you buddy. I’ve always felt that way!). No, the news is that Alex is back as Human Heat! Whereas YO was a jangly, sometimes horn-driven indie-pop, Alex’s Human Heat project finds him indulging in his obvious love of R&B. Somewhere between the recent keyboard-heavy excursions of the experimental Moon King and the Top 40 sounds of James Blake at his most soulful we have All Is Too Much.  If you ever wondered what would happen if Siri and Alexa formed a band have we got that record for you! For proof of that, check out the piano funk-balladry of “Remember When.”