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American Football "American Football (LP2)"

It has been 17 years since Polyvinyl released what would eventually become the classic self-titled debut from American Football. As you probably know, what happened after that is the stuff of rock legend. The band broke up only having played a handful of small shows. It was only after the band didn’t exist that the record went on to become “one of the single most influential rock records of it’s time” (quote from Noisey, but a sentiment expressed by countless media quote makers). Thankfully, the legendary 2014 reunion shows went as well as they did, because (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) American Football are back with a new self-titled LP! (make sense of THAT discogs!) The same emotionally resonant lyrics tugging at nostalgic heartstrings, the math rock syncopation, the swirling emo interplay, and now Mike’s bro Nate Kinsella laying down the bass. Even more surefooted and (of course) mature then the last time around, this is gonna get you just like the first one did. Prepare for a rush of turn-of-the-century emotions with the first single from the album “I’ve Been So Lost For So Long.”