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Patrick Sweany "Ancient Noise (Nine Mile Records)"

Besides having a title for their music blog that made me laugh, also described “Country Loving,” a highlight tune from the new Patrick Sweany LP Ancient Noise (Nine Mile Records) as wonderfully as I’ve ever heard a song described before, calling it “a smoochy, country, piano song.” They used “smoochy”!?! That’s awesome. You know what else is awesome? This Patrick Sweany LP. It sure is “smoochy.” It’s a little bit country, a little bit soul, a little bit gospel., a little bit roots rock (and even a little bit funky!). It’s like a relic out of the past, yet it doesn’t sound like its from any specific time. Like if early ZZ Top mixed with Dusty Springfield and Syl Johnson and Nick Cave and late-era Tom Waits. How blissfully all over the place! Check out the aforementioned “Country Living.”