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Honeyblood "Babes Never Die"

Honeyblood are back, and then some! Babes Never Die (FatCat) is the sophomore followup to their beloved 2014 self-titled debut. Worried about some sort of silly sophomore slump? Don’t be! The hooks are catchier! The sparse arrangements are even more fleshed out! Combining ‘60s girl-group melodies, the dreamy likeability of Best Coast, the ‘90s bounce of The Breeders, and the solemn vibes of PJ Harvey to create a gloom-pop masterpiece. This time around, the songs are even more dynamic, with a little bit of throwback loud-quiet-loud stuff thrown in for good measure. Get ready to carve Honeyblood into your desk tomorrow during homeroom and check out the title track “Babes Never Die.”