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Tessa Violet "Bad Ideas (Act 1)"


“Dad why are YOU listening to her” are some of my favorite words I like to hear….and yes that did happen when I was listening to Tessa Violet.  I mean, she is an insanely talented singer/songwriter who just happens to be an insanely popular You Tube personality and one of those people who has lots of instagram followers.  No, I’m not trying to gaslight you (ok that gets a kid eye roll), but Tessa is the real deal-just imagine all thing that make upbeat indie pop the best, mixed with all those Taylor Swift earworms. Not to mention, she might be the smartest kid in the room? Her very 2019 release plan is as follows: releasing the album one song at a time over the next year and a half, split into three EPs:Bad IdeasACT I, ACT II, and ACT III. So that gives us “Bad Ideas (Act1), and I love the idea of that! So for now dig into “Crush!”