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Joey Molland "Be True To Yourself (Omnivore)"

 For readers of a certain age, news of the first Joey Molland record in 10 years is going to blow your mind. Once known as The Beatles favorite band, Badfinger was a 70s powerhouse of pop perfection. A series of tragedies ended their career – and as the only surviving member Joey has been performing music ever since. Here we find him performing classic Beatles-esque gems with the help of people like Julian Lennon and Micky Dolenz, and co-written and co-produced by Mark Hudson.
2020 Lyle to teenage Lyle: “One day you will send out a record by the sole surviving member of Badfinger!”
Teenage Lyle to 2020 Lyle: “What? What happened to the rest of Badfinger? And why am I sending out music? Oh wait, do I work for Colombia House?”
Ok… that didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped – thankfully this record works MUCH better. Check out the title track, the easy pop perfection of “Rainy Day Man”.