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Free Cake For Every Creature "The Bluest Star (Double Double Whammy)"

There I was, walking down the street and minding my own business. A song in my heart and a hunger in my belly. All of a sudden, a sign caught my eye. It read: Free Cake For Every Creature and there was an arrow pointing to a door. I’m no dummy, if a sign promises “free cake” I follow it. When I went into the room, I immediately noticed a definite lack of baked goods. “Let them eat cake indeed…” I thought to myself as I noticed the sweet sounds that were filling the room. The room was filled with records. I was in a record store. I pointed up to the ceiling and looked blankly at the record store clerk-the universal sign for “what is this playing?” “It’s Katie Bennett’s band Free Cake For Every Creature” she replied without looking up from her phone. It didn’t matter, I was sold. The jangly indie strains and warm vocals had me hooked like the best slice of Black Forest money could buy. But money couldn’t buy cake at a record shop (though, I suppose, it could buy Cake). It could, however, buy the latest FCFEC LP The Bluest Star (Double Double Whammy), with it’s DIY/lighter side of The Vaselines vibes. Check out “Around You.”