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Savak "Cut-Ups (EJRC)"

Everytime someone says “guitar rock is dead” a band like Savak jumps up and say – “HEY WE ARE HERE!” And thank the gods that they are  – mixing ever record i loved when i was in my ’20s (ok… and my ‘30s… ’40s and–sigh–50’s), Savak love the crap out of such bands as WIRE, The Saints and R.E.M.  If you like any of those bands or at least one of them (and i assume you do?) Cut-Ups is the record for you. Plus who doesn’t like horns and rock? I mean i’m not talking about late Chicago (early I’ll give ya for sure), but tracks like “Natural Light” and “Loma Prieta” will actually make you happy when the horn guys step on stage (a first for everything).  Check out the aforementioned “Natural Light.”