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Bellini "Before The Day Is Gone (Temporary Residence)"

Who are Bellini? No, not the towel wearing, fish eating, “6th member” of the Kids In The Hall.  However, if you ever wanted to know what Surgar or Helmet would have sounded like with female vocals then Bellini is the band for you. Produced by poker champion Steve Albini, the best sounding snare is up front as singer Giovanna Cacciola Exene (at times) like vocals lead the band as they charge through riff and time signature with the furry and anger that is missed from oh, 95% of the music made today. Crank up and air guitar to “Clementine Peel”, and “Promises” and take out those damn ear plugs-if you ain’t deaf yet, well this will do the trick (and is worth it).