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Ty Segall "Deforming Lobes (Drag City)"

Ever see a live show and immediately say I WANNA HEAR THAT SHOW AGAIN RIGHT NOW WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY FOR IT AND WITHOUT HAVING TO TYPE ALL CAPS! Well, your PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED as Ty Segall has released a live album of his current live band – as this record was recorded live last Jan. with Mr. Steve Albini handling the mixes. So yeah you get jams from various Ty albums including Twins, Melted, Emotional Mugger, $ingles$ 2, and 2017’s Self-titled record. Not bad for a night out – without the bad beer and the hurting feet (gotta get some new orthopedic kicks for sure). Enjoy “Love Fuzz” and leave your earplugs on the dresser.