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M83 "Digital Shades Vol. 2 (Mute)"

Anthony Gonzalez and the rest of the M83ers wanted a place to release music as M83, but not get the hopes up of the pop-loving section of their fan base. So they created the Digital Shades series of releases. Meant to stand alone from their discography while also existing within it, this is where they are able to indulge their nostalgic fantasies of Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and more. For Digital Shades Vol. 2 they basically made video game music for retro games that don’t exist. Performed and recorded entirely on analog equipment, the whole this is a glorious nod to days past. The whole affair reminds me of early ‘80s fantasy/sci-fi movies, some of the lesser-known releases by Mike Oldfield, and of course-retro video game music. Simultaneously cinematic in scope and as intimate as a record you fall asleep to can be-this very well might stand as underground a classic as can exist for a band as popular as M83. So dust of your NES controllers, call your Mom and ask if she threw your D&D rulebooks away yet, and maybe buy a van with a wizard painted on the side of it. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the triumphant “Hell Riders.”