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Julia Jacklin "Don’t Let The Kids Win"

Like a fever dream (or maybe an un-aired episode of VINYL) where Angel Olsen, Bonnie Rait, Mama Cass, and The Shirelles are on a Blues Brothers-esque romp playing all kinds of music in all kinds of places, Julia Jacklin’s debut album is here. Don’t Let The Kids Win (Polyvinyl) is an auspicious introduction to Julia. The first thing you won’t be able to get past is her singular, rich vocals. The next thing you will notice is her songwriting wit-a skill many songwriters are afraid to showcase. Then you’re likely gonna say “how does a 25 year old sound so mature and worldly?” It’s best not to think about such things. As Julia says in the press for the new album “yeah we’re getting older but it’s not so special. It’s not unique. Everyone has dealt with this and it’s going to keep feeling weird.” Indeed Julia – and I guess it’s time I table my “AGING SUCKS” album idea. Check out the dreamy “Pool Party.”