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Howard Hello "Election Year (Temporary Residence)"

Marty Anderson (of Dilute and Okay) and Kenseth Thibideau (of Tarentel and Sleeping People) have re-joined forces as Howard Hello to take on the state of America right now. So yeah, this can be very scary stuff indeed. Thankfully these tunes are as soothing and catchy as they are odd. Imagine the Radiohead robot singing lead on “Fitter, Happier” was a member of French band Air and was as mad as hell, and you are getting close to the strangely beautiful sounds of Howard Hello. Sure, the lyrics can be hyper-specific in terms of hot-button issues of the day–after all, the album IS called Election Year (Temporary Residence) after all,  but none of that matters with tunes this lovely. Start your love affair with this beguiling record with the first single, the pastoral sounds of revolution via “MCD” (which stands for “mass civil disobedience”).