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Lee Ranaldo "Electric Trim (Mute)"

Founding member of Sonic Youth Lee Ranaldo is back with his first solo-alum since 2013’s Last Night on Earth. Electric Trim (Mute) finds Lee moving in a bit of a new direction. A little lighter in sound than his previous work (but every bit as experimental), this is a joyous collection of tunes. Think of it as somewhere between an acoustically led late-era SY mixed with… well… mixed with a little bit of everything-which makes sense since the album features guest turns from Sharon Van Etten, News Cline, Steve Shelley, and more! Look, Lee has made a career of being hard to pin down, and this is no exception. No amount of describing I do here is going to do these songs justice, so check out the victorious Soundtrack Of Our Lives-esque sounds of the first single “Circular Right As Rain.”