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The Body & OAA "Enemy Of Love (Thrill Jockey)"

“In the land of split LP’s, The Body rules with a heavy hand. In the past five years alone, they’ve worked with some of the harshest soundmakers this side of the Pacific, with Full of Hell, Thou, and Uniform ranking among their most deranged creative partners. Today, they announced their next project, Enemy of Love, a joint album with OAA — Portland producer AJ Wilson, not the British Metalcore outfit Oceans Ate Alaska — out February 18 on Thrill Jockey.

With the announcement comes “Barren of Joy,” the record’s relentlessly sludgy lead single. It’s just under five minutes long, but through some dark magic or rip in the spacetime continuum, its finish leaves the listener feeling years older than they were when they pressed play. If the rest of the album follows suit, the world could end up with a confused generation of millennial metalheads who find themselves in their mid 60s after giving it a full spin.”

Raphael Helfand, The Fader