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Beach Slang "Everything Matters But No One Is Listening [Quiet Slang] (Polyvinyl)"

You remember MTV Unplugged don’t you? Actually if you are the age I think you are then let me step that back: Do you remember when MTV used to play videos? Well, on top of that they’d have bands play acoustic versions/more intimate versions of their jams in front of a bunch of candles and drapes. Obviously Nirvana’s “Unplugged” was legendary (Hey, I was there for the taping!), and its influence is still felt today in such releases by Beach Slang. Yup, break out the acoustic guitars, ask your friend who plays piano to bring his friend who plays the violin to show up and well, in this case, tell the drummer to go buy beers since he isn’t needed (What, no Hot Rods™ were available?). Regardless, these versions of your favorite Beach Slang jams will have you holding hands, burning patchouli oil and singing along (quietly). Check out “Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas.”