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Cold Fronts "Fantasy Du Jour (RTP)"

There they were, just another indie rock band playing a showcase at SXSW like so many before them, when a man walked up and showed interest. Who was the band? New Rough Trade Publishing signing Cold Fronts! Who was the man? None other than Sire Record’s legendary co-founder and band signer extraordinaire Seymour Stein. So SS went from signing The Ramones, Talking Heads, Pretenders, Depeche Mode, and the Cure, to Cold Fronts. If that doesn’t get you excited to hear Fantasy Du Jour (Sire/RTP), then let my words do the trick. This Philly band has everything! Hooks! Melodies! An energy (and guitar sound) not unlike the heyday of The Strokes, lyrical emotionalism a la The Modern Lovers, and a sound that is ALL Cold Fronts. This is the kind of rock that augments anything you are doing, from fast drives in cars to partying in basements, or just staying home and eating takeout and smoking some of God’s green herb like they do in “Staying In.”