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Hamish Kilgour "Finkelstein (Ba Da Bing!)"

Hamish Kilgour from The Clean is back for his second solo LP Finkelstein. Its… um… weird. Any album where the PR talks about how renowned the artists is for his “footstepping” on an album is sure to be pretty weird, and this does not disappoint. However, if you like messy, loose music you’ll likely love this Frogs (minus the jokes) sounding album. Hamish is a legend though, and has earned the right to do whatever he wants. Remember, I DID say “from The Clean” a few sentences ago? If every record was an easy listen, we’d all have Phil Collins tattoos and Lou Reed would have been stuck working the door at The Pyramid Club. Sometimes the songs are hazy, but most times the genius shines through like on the New Morning/American Beauty vibes of “Sidetracked.”