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Ty Segall "First Taste (Drag City)"

I can only assume that the title of Ty Segall’s new LP is a little tongue in cheek. First Taste (Drag City) is certainly not our first taste. In fact, we have a whole pantry-full of Ty’s tastes. But please don’t think we are complaining here, as we will take all the servings Mr. Segall is willing to dish out to us. We’ve been hooked on his psych-garage gems for many a year now, and this is one is as good as it gets. The energy is high here, with James Gang-esque drum breaks and squelchy bass lines, in-the-red noise, and everything else you love about T.S.-except guitar. Wait, what? Yup. That’s right. His normal instrument of choice is largely missing here. Replaced by all manner of weird instruments.Also, not ALL the songs are that in the red. Some might even be considered kinda folk-y or even ballad-y depending on who you ask? So maybe this a first taste of what’s to come from Ty? Either way, taste your first taste of First Taste with “Taste.”