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Lambchop "FLOTUS"

If you’re sick of Lambchop releasing subtle masterpiece after subtle masterpiece, then FLOTUS (Merge) is probably gonna make you mad. (Frankly though, I think it’s weird that good music makes you mad.) If, however, you can’t get enough of their experimental beauty, then get ready to fall in love. Expanding on the electronic, auto-tuned direction they’ve been playing with of late, this time around all that is coupled with lush strings, delicate arrangements, and Kurt Wagner’s unmistakable voice (auto-tuned or not, there’s no mistaking him). The weirdest country band in the world keeps getting weirder, and we should consider ourselves lucky that they are doing so. Thanks Lambchop! You’ll be thanking them to when you check out the Krautrock meets Peanuts music sounds (trust me, it’s an awesome combo) of “NIV.”