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Xiu Xiu "Forget"

Being a member of Xiu Xiu must be an artist’s dream. After all, their latest album Forget (Polyvinyl) was recorded while they were involved in a few other projects. “What are those other projects?” you may ask? Oh, a reworking of the music from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, a song for an upcoming John Cameron Mitchell flick, music for an art installation, a record with Merzbow. Oh, and an experimental reworking of Mozart’s The Magic Flute opera. Like I said, they must be feeling rather artistically fulfilled right about now. What that means for their latest album is amazing. For a band known as “experimental” this is as experimental as it gets, but also with a hazy layer of dreaminess not heard from the band before. Like if David Bowie and Negativland recorded an album produced by Brian Eno. Check out the chilling bounce of “Wondering.”