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Post Animal "Forward Motion Godyssey (Polyvinyl)"

Look. I like all kinds of music. I really do. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be in this business. However, my favorite records are the ones that tend to make me think “OOH! THIS SOUND PROG-Y.” Well, Post Animal, I really liked your prior albums by hot damn if I don’t LOVE Forward Motion Goddesey (Polyvinyl). Wanna know why? I bet you can guess! That’s right! They went prog! Killer riffs in odd-time signatures, mysterious lyrical slants, songs oscillating between quiet and slow, and then turning into loud heavy songs. Songs with strings! Technical prowess! It’s like Nonagon-era King Gizzard meets Kansas meets War On Drugs meets Tool meets my ears in a VERY pleasing way. Like all good albums, you really should just listen to the whole thing but if you wanna get hyped then check out the first track “Your Life Away” and if you aren’t boppin’ that head about by the end then you should probably get checked out because this is living baby!