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The Pink Spiders "Freakazoid"

From The Pink Spiders:

Freakazoid was written mostly in the months before the pandemic. When we were ready to start tracking, we found ourselves with a lot of free time to be creative but no opportunity to get together, so we tried something we’d never done – recording an album all by ourselves in isolation. To create the sessions, we would record instruments separately in our houses and email the tracks to each other. That was an extremely frustrating and time-consuming process that took from the fall of 2020 until late 2022 to complete. We were used to banging out albums in a studio in a few weeks so it was a blessing and curse to have all the time in the world to work on it. They say great art is never finished, it is only abandoned and that’s how it felt to wrap this up. There are still little changes I wish I could make from time to time but I’ve had to learn to just let it go. That being said, I’m so proud of the album and so happy that the reaction has been so incredibly positive so far.”