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Ty Segall "Freedom’s Goblin (Drag City)"

There are very few comforts left in today’s modern world. Soup is still pretty good. Chocolate and peanut butter will never turn their collective food-based backs to us. Reruns of The Odd Couple still warms the soul. That’s about it, right? Wrong! New Ty Segall music always fits the comfort bill! If there’s one thing Ty knows it’s writing some killer psych garage-tinged, glam-flavored rock ’n’ roll tunes, then recording said tunes in a manner that is pleasing to the ears and the rockin’ soul of a rock ’n’ roll lover. Ok, so maybe he knows more than one thing (seeing as how I just listed numerous things). Gimme a break! I’m trying to be blurb eloquent while rockin’ my socks of listening to Freedom’s Goblin (Drag City), the newest album from Ty Segall. Filled with raucous tunes that fall somewhere between T-Rex and Abby Road-era Beatles, all through Ty’s patented Tune-Askewer (individual results may vary, ask your doctor if Tune-Askewer is right for you.) Check out the fuzzed out Prince-esque delight that is “Every 1’s A Winner.”