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Beirut "Gallipoli (4AD)"

The sound of Beirut’s music was so singular when it was first released that Zach Condon found himself in a bit of a predicament. Once people heard the unique mixture of trumpets, flugelhorns, organs, accordions, and other instruments synonymous with Beruit’s chamber-pop sound, how could he ever stray and retain his fan base? Well, for one, Zach writes amazing songs, which helps. For two, Gallipoli (4AD), his 5th album, combines the best aspects of his original sound with the sounds he’s been exploring since releasing those original albums. So it doesn’t even matter. Don’t believe me? Check out the absolutely glowing review of the LP over at The Line Of Best Fit. They don’t write “In all Galipolli is the sound of one of our most talented musicians rediscovering his love for what he was born to do” for just anything (it would be weird if they did, since I’m assuming this is the only album ever titled as such). Check out the title track “Gallipoli.”