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The Whitmore Sisters "Ghost Stories (Red House Records)"

From Red House Records:

Sisters Eleanor and Bonnie Whitmore, two of roots music’s most accomplished songwriter/instrumentalist/vocalists, are releasing their first album together as The Whitmore Sisters. Titled Ghost Stories, it’s inspired by the loss of family, friends, ex-boyfriends and — on the title track — people who died by police violence. 

Ghosts Stories’ cathartic songs embrace the beauty and the experience of living. What came from lockdown and shared experiences — hiking the Grand Canyon at five, playing bars at 15, getting their pilots’ licenses (their entire family fly planes), or just embracing the beauty of living — is an album to take you places and make you feel so alive. “Music should move people,” Eleanor affirms. “Or at least cause some kind of reaction. Sometimes it’s comforting, or you can rock out! I’ve always liked Woody Guthrie’s way of looking at it: ‘Music is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.’