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Waxahatchee "Great Thunder EP (Merge)"

I’ve heard some pretty mediocre thunder in my life. I’ve even heard what I would qualify as good thunder. But great thunder? That is rare! You know what else is rare? Talent like Katie Crutchfield’s. Which is what makes her new Waxahatchee EP Great Thunder so… um… what’s the word I’m looking for here… oh, right. Great! Katie went back to the well and re-recorded some songs originally slated for an experimental recording group called Great Thunder (there’s that thunder again!). A departure from her sound of late, gone is the full band, and here she is stripped down and solo, produced by Brad Cook at Justin Vernon’s April Base Studio. So check out the solo Katie sounds of the shoop-heavy piano ballad “Singer’s No Star” and the gentle Omnichord hints of “Slow You Down.”