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Collections Of Colonies Of Bees "Hawaii (Polyvinyl)"

“If the world was perfect, they would be as big as U2.” That’s what Justin Vernon of Bon Iver said of Volcano Choir. But so what? This is a blurb for the Collections Of Colonies Of Bees new LP Hawaii (Polyvinyl). Well, it’s relevant because COCOB has been around for 2 decades in some form or another. At one time, they WERE Volcano Choir. Now they aren’t. Now they are this new band, but continued from that old band. Confused? Don’t be. I’ll make it simple. This is a great band, and if the world was perfect they would be as big as U2. Big stadium-sized anthems, with just a hint of glitch. It’s like Brian Eno paired with Oneohtrix Point Never to produce a… well, some sort of post-rock version of U2 fronted by vocalist Marielle Allschwang (because she’s the vocalist here!). Check out the epic “Ruins.”