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Hovvdy "Heavy Lifter (Double Double Whammy)"

Heavy Lifter is the 3rd full-length LP from Hovvdy, but the first one that I listened to today. I know, that doesn’t mean much to anyone-but you try to come up with a new intro sentence for all these blurbs! It can be hard! Thankfully, coming up with stuff seems to be far easier for Charlie Martin and Will Taylor of Hovvdy. Their ideas congeal so well, its as natural a fit as can be expected for 2 drummers that met at a baseball games. This a warm, nostalgic sounding collection of bedroom-ish singing and songwriting. Confessional, conversational, and introspective. Sonically, its hard to pin down-tunes run the full spectrum to acoustic guitar and vocals to more roundly produced with piano, bass, drums (once a pair of drummers, always a pair of drummers). The easiest thing to do is to call this a (gasp!) indie record and let your mind fill in the gaps. OR! You could check out the reflective “1999” or the almost alt-country swing of “Watergun” and let your ears fill in the gaps instead.