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Oozing Wound "High Anxiety (Thrill Jockey)"

Look… If you aren’t already a fan of thrash metal, there’s very little I can say here to convince you to check out the amazing new Oozing Wound record, High Anxiety (Thrill Jockey). Conversely, if you are already a big fan of Oozing Wound, there’s little I could say here to get you even more excited than you already are to hear their latest collection. And if you are a fan of Mel Brooks’ oft-forgotten movie High Anxiety, look elsewhere. This has naught to do with that. Those are the only two kinds of people, right? Those who don’t like thrash metal, and those who love Oozing Wound. Makes sense to me. Check out “Tween Shitbag” and finally decide once and for all what kind of person you are.