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House And Land "House And Land (Thrill Jockey)"

The origin story of House And Land is as simple and timeless as their sound. Sarah Anne Morgan was opening for The Black Twig Pickers, for whom Sally Louise Henderson plays fiddle. During that tour, they discovered that they both had a deep love of many of the same forms of traditional music, as well as an affinity for minimal music. So they formed the duo we are talking about here today. House And Land (Thrill Jockey) is the kind of music where the notes played are just as important as the space between the notes played. No amplification, no overdubs or additional tracking, every song on the album features merely their two voices and their four hands. Appalachian, bluegrass, and Americana could all be used to describe their sounds, but with a heavy reliance on drone as well. Also, though the songs sound ancient, the record does not, as it is strikingly modern in its sound. You’ll see for yourself as you check out “False True Lover.”