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Puppy and the Hand Jobs "I Hate Everything EP (Slovenly)"

From Slovenly Records:


The three obnoxious jack-offs known as PUPPY AND THE HAND JOBS are back with another crude EP of filth ridden, barely listenable / tolerable punk called “I Hate Everything,” and with 7 songs this time around, that’s only a buck a track in as many inches. WHAT A FUCKIN BARGAIN. Never before in the history of recorded music has it been so cheap and effortless to be insulted and assaulted with a swift kick in the genitals by “songs” with titles like “Cocksucker” and “Rocker Hag.” But even a band of total degenerate creeps like this can still muster a touch of class here and there: enter one-time SUN CITY GIRLS collaborator Eddy Detroit who penned the shitty little ditty “Plan 9” – a catchy track that will have you singing along like a dope before Puppy threatens your puny, worthless existence with “Predator.”


Check out “Plan 9.”