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Sulene "In The Style of David Lynch"

Buzz Music: What kind of listening experience should we expect on your upcoming EP, ‘In The Style of David Lynch?’

Sulene: More intense riffs, in-your-face lyrics, some experimental stuff. A burst of energy.

Buzz Music: We have to ask — what’s your favorite David Lynch film?

Sulene: Lost Highway. And now I’ve given something away about the music video, haha.

Buzz Music: We’re so excited to hear the full album. How excited are you for the world to hear it?

Sulene: I can’t wait! It was such a labor of love, and it’s really, really special to me. Honestly, I’m just grateful anyone listens to my music. It’s really cool. 


– Buzz Music, Sulene Revs The Senses In A New Music Video For, ‘Electrosexual'”