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Antietam "Intimations Of Immortality (Motorific Sounds)"

Comparisons between in-office favorites Antietam and Crazy Horse abound, and it doesn’t just stop at their sound. Tara Key and Co. certainly rock in a very specific, classic way. But also, every time you fear you may have heard the last from them, they come blistering back to remind all the kids how to rock. This time they do it in the form of Intimations Of Immortality  (released on their very own Motorific Sounds label).  Forward chugging drums, the best expressive guitar noodling this side of Mr. Young himself, and building block bass lines are all the keystones of Antietam. Or should I saw “key”stones? (Get it!?! Tara Key!) Eh, maybe I shouldn’t say it after all. But I definitely should say: check out the rock-fueled chug-a-lug of “Right Between Your Eyes.”