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Flat Worms "Into The Iris EP (Drag City)"

I know not everyone is a fan of the kind of blurb that says things like “this band sounds like if Conway Twitty paired up with Kool & The Gang and they released an album of Harry Chapin covers”. I know, it can be kind of reductive. But, it’s helpful shorthand and the point of these blurbs (besides the attempts at “jokes”) is to get you to listen to these amazing songs. So if they work in that regard, then more power to them, right? Case in point? This stellar EP from LA band Flat Worms. It wasn’t far into Into The Iris EP (Drag City) before I exclaimed to myself “oh wow, this sounds like if Ian Curtis was in Sonic Youth.” If that tickles your fancy as much as I imagine it does, then get excited and check out “Surreal New Year.”