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Ex Hex "It’s Real (Merge)"

It’s Real (Merge)…What is REAL to EX HEX? Is it the ROCK that is real? Well that would be about right – as It’s Real is a full-fledged ROCK album. I mean sure, some of the punk tempos of RIPS are still in the house (“Crystal Caves”), but It’s Real could sit right next to anyone wearing spandex and fingerless gloves and some really, REALLY big hair. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t METAL, but more that POP-METAL (?) of the 80’s with such bands as Def Leopard leading the fray.  As a matter of fact I’m sure Merge is saving up the budget to get Mutt Lang to produce the next Ex-Hex record. In the meantime can I start the public demand that Ex-Hex cover “Round And Round” by Ratt? Well, until my gofundme gets funded, let’s keep busy by having fun hearing the rock joy being spread by Mary Timony and crew on “Rainbow Shiner.”