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Hazel English "Just Give In/Never Going Home (Polyvinyl)"

Hazel English’s sound is a tough one to describe. Just Give In/Never Going Home (Polyvinyl) is her first LP, combining her debut EP with new songs recorded just for this collection. The difficult part comes in an attempt to keep up with Hazel. By the time she’s perfected her sound on one tune, she’s off to the next one, complete with a different set of sounds. Sure, indie-pop covers the idea, but it’s definitely a broad term. There are times where her sound might remind you of Alvvays or Best Coast, but there are definite comparisons to Grimes to be made, but maybe if Grimes listened to more Echo and the Bunnymen. You know what? I’m gonna stop now. You’re gonna like this, trust us. Check out the wistful bounce of “Fix.”