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Golden Suits "Kubla Khan"

Fred Nicolaus, of Department of Eagles, is back with a second album as the impetus behind Golden Suits. Whereas the last self-titled album was a highly literate, meticulous album, Kubla Khan (Hit City USA) is the sound of Fred loosening up. Gone are the fretted over chord voicings. In their place? Some big, bold Petty-esque choruses. Remember choruses? Fred does. Also, his sound is less folk, and more… Hmmm. Music writers haven’t come up with a genre name for the ‘80s throwback-y AOR sounds of bands like The War On Drugs yet, have they? Well, I’m not here to do their job. So whatever that is called, this is that. And then some. Friendly. Sardonic. Clap-a-long-able, stadium sized verses, quiet, intimate moments. This is a dramatic good time, with a bit of everything thrown in for good measure. Check out the Arcade Fire covering Bruce Springsteen sounds of “Gold Feeling.”