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Wand "Laughing Matter"

Wand seem to work very, very hard in an old fashioned way. Touring, recording (3 albums in 14 months!), and seemingly have more to worry about than how many Instagram followers they have. Wand have released Laughing Matter and according to Wand it is about “love during times of terror”.  Sounds fun! You know what else is fun? Why Laughing Matter of course!  A psychedelic folk trip through the mind of Steven Malkmus doing mushrooms with Syd Barrett. Stereogum said Wand sound like “post-Y2K Radiohead” – which is another way to look at it. Why don’t you vote (my influences vs Stereogum) and check out “Scarecrow” and the ballad-y “High Planes Drifter” (not a Beastie Boys cover, sorry) or the particularly Radiohead-y “Thin Air” (you win that round Stereogum).