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Bartees Strange "Live Forever (RTP)"

There have been few records we’ve been more excited to share with you this year than the full-length debut of Bartees Strange! There is a reason our record of the week is also Stereogum’s Record Of The Week. An electrifying hodgepodge of genres that finds Bartees excelling at every time. For a man that garnered his original fame by covering The National this is as a unique sound as you are bound to hear this year. Seriously. We rarely (if ever?) say this – but get ready to check out the (wait for it) NEXT BIG THING. It’s rock, it’s rap, it’s country, and it’s all of them in new and exciting ways with an energy that feels like the start of something fresh and unheard of before. Don’t believe us? Ask Ryan Reynolds as you check out the stellar singles “Mustang” and “Boomer.”