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Lost Under Heaven "Love Hates What You Become (Mute)"

Few bands are as instantly recognizable as Lost Under Heaven. If you’ve heard them even for a passing moment, you will instantly recognize them as soon as you hear them from that moment on. This has a lot to do with Ellery James Roberts’ distinctive vocal stylings, but also the duo’s mix of goth rock and modern electronic music makes them as future-leaning as anything you’ll ever hear. Describing their sound is like trying to describe the feeling of riding a roller coaster to someone that has never even seen one. On Love Hates What You Become (Mute), besides Ellery’s screaming whisper, they’ve also added more vocals from Ebony Hoorn, the other half of the band. It is always a very welcome addition to the sound, as is evidenced by the Hole meets NIN meets LUH sounds of “Bunny’s Blues.”