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Dommengang "Love Jail (Thrill Jockey)"

Holy guacamole, rock and roll is back and Dommengang is rolling their best rocks and rocking their best rolls on Love Jail (Thrill Jockey), their second LP. This is the first time the band found themselves all living in the same city (that city being the city of angels). LA has certainly found its way into their sound. Imagine a world where the good time ‘70s The Rolling Stones, Rush at their most restrained, late-70s Zappa guitar tone, and… hmmm… throw in some Foghat for the sheer bluesiness of it all, and you are starting to get to the heart of this rollicking road trip of a record. Distortion! Guitar solos! Drum fills! Energy! If this is what love jail sounds like, then arrest me! Check out “Color Out Of Space” from the Tim Green-produced album.