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The Restorations "LP5000 (Tiny Engines)"

You know the Restorations right? Anthemic heartland rock-and-roll replete with mile-wide riffs, psychedelic chooglin’, and so, so many guitars. Got the picture? Well now you should hear the music – from LP500000 the Restorations are a band on a mission – to rock as the everything around you falls apart.  Glance at your phone and you mumble, ‘I hope he dies’/Yeah, I hope he dies, too” they sing on “Eye” and you hope they get over their hate of Kermit the frog (that is who it is about, right?). On “Non-believer” they tackle the age ol’ aging and rocking with lines like “can’t be doing this stupid shit no more”, but for the love of god, restorations have a lot of stupid shit to do-like keeping the rock alive.  Check out the awesome anti-generification “Remains.”