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Vivian Girls "Memory (Polyvinyl)"

Though its been a minute since the Vivan Girls graces our speakers… (ok headphones… ok, FINE earpods. OK FINE KNOCKOFF EARPODS LEAVE ME ALONE!) their new LP Memory (Polyvinyl) is as surprising, vital, and fun as anything (and everything) they’ve ever done. After the release of 2011’s Share The Joy the band never stopped making music, they just weren’t doing so with each other. Katy Goodman with La Sera, Ali Koehler with Best Coast, and Cassie Ramone with The Babies. Eventually, the three women found themselves making music together again and Memory is the result of those secret practice/writing/recording sessions. (Personal note: not for nothing, but I really love this album and the drum fade-in during “Lonely Girl” is one of my favorite music moments of 2019.) Check out the sinister bounce of the hypnotic “Sick.”