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Joell Ortiz "Monday (Mello)"

For all I know, Joell Ortiz and Garfield the cat have tons of stuff in common. I have no idea if Joell loves lasagna, hates Nermal, or sits AROUND the house. But I do know one thing on which they diverge… Joell Ortiz LOVES Mondays. They feel like a new beginning to him every week. Dtill though, I would hope Garfield would like Joell’s hype beats and rhymes more than his least-favorite day. After all, Joell has a way of staying positive even in adversity here, uplifting himself and others with his obviously positive outlook. Even if he’s pissed, he’s still doing his best. It says in the PR for Monday (Mello) that he doesn’t want to seem like a superhero here despite his long career, but like a working man that keeps his head down and goes to work. Nod along to the anthemic “Captain.”