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Moby & the Void Pacific Choir "More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse (Mute)"

When last we heard from Moby & the Void Pacific Choir (on last years These Systems Are Failing) he was (to quote our blurb from last year) “mad as hell.” But things have gone so great since then, right? Moby is probably totally chill in 2017, just like the rest of us, no? Well, seeing as how this surprise album was announced via a press release written by “John Miller,” the fake name Trump used to use act as his own spokesperson in the past (seriously people, how many warnings do you… deep breath…), I’d think the answer is pretty obvious. More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse (Mute) is more of Moby’s reactionary, anthemic techno-punk. Full of guitars, frazzled beats, and anger. Check out the haunting strains of the new wave-ish “All The Hurts We Made.”