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maarja nut & rum "Muunduja (FatCat)"

I was having trouble finding the words to describe the haunting new LP from maarja nuut & ruum. Then I found this quote from The Quietus on the bandcamp page for Muuunduja (FatCat):


“There’s a touristy pub in Tallinn centre called Hell Hunt that boasts a painting above the door showing a naked girl, eyes shut and smiling, riding on the back of a grinning wolf. That’s what her music sounds like.”


Then I didn’t feel too bad, because I’m pretty sure that quote means they didn’t know how to describe it either. They could have just said “Estonian Bjork” but that’s kind of reductive (which is why I’m not actually saying it.) Haunting, ethereal swirls of backing tracks building up around maarja’s angelic vocals (all in Estonian). Check out the mountainous builds of “Haned kadunud.”