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E "Negative Work (Thrill Jockey)"

We make no secret our love of Thalia Zedek around the BRM office. So when Thalia is releasing music in any capacity, we are always very excited. So word of a new album from E, Thalia’s trio with Jason Sidney Sanford and Gavin McCarthy (I wonder how Gavin feels being in the band E as the only member of the band without the titular vowel in his name?). Negative Work (Thrill Jockey) is not only the name of their new LP, but also the ethos behind the LP. Recorded and mixed in 4 days at Machines With Magnets, they took full advantage of their trio status, and gave each of their individual tracks the room to breathe and shine on this energetic, idiosyncratic band. (get it? negative space?) Check out the first single from the album “Untie Me.”