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Neighbourly "Neighbourly"

Approaching Neighbourly’s forthcoming, self-titled album, the group had the intention of fully exploring what it means to be neighbourly. With each member writing two songs for the project, this debut album highlights the eclectic influences within the group.
Despite having a concept in mind, Neighbourly didn’t want to limit themselves when it came to the process of recording the songs. Some songs evolved collaboratively within the group, while others were written naturally by individual members.
The band engineered the album themselves, and each song was produced by its respective writer. This project serves as a centrepiece showcasing the band’s growth over the past year. Mixing and mastering credits go to Latham Reader, who continues to support other artists in the Vancouver Island scene.
Neighbourly, the album, transcends through psych-funk grooves, calypso beach vibes, and dreamy shoegaze, offering the epitome of what the group has to offer.