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Flower "None Is (But Once Was) (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)"

From Ernest Jenning Record Co.:


1986. New York City. Trash cans ablaze in vacant lots. Wheels stolen, cars on blocks. A new noise was rising amid the rubble of abandoned buildings; this was the beginning, and Flower would take root and thrive here. Over their three years of initial outburst, Flower recorded two albums; the first, Concrete, dark and raging, pounding and brutal. The following year brought Hologram Sky; a glimpse of redemption, the promise of Spring on a bitter March wind, melodic and noisy, precise and chaotic, icy and warm. Their live shows walked the third rail, one step from catastrophe, one step from Valhalla, pushing density, rhapsody and bombast to their limits. Flower were young and foolish, naively insightful and blissfully ignorant, unaware of the power with which they toyed.

Naturally, they self-destructed.

The survivors, most notably Ed and Richard Baluyut, went on to form the indie icons Versus. Ian James managed to crawl away unscathed, only to end up in Geffen flame-out Cell, but later would reunite with drummer Andrew Bordwin to form French. This was to be the lay of the land for the next three decades until…

Flower returned.

Having always remained close, while Ian was recording the most recent Versus releases, discussion turned to seeing what would happen if all four original Flower members locked themselves in the studio until an album had been written. So it was agreed, and so it was done. None knew what to expect – would they kill each other? Worse, would the music be lame? The road took many detours, but the goal was finally realized: the first Flower album in 30 years.

Here it comes…

Andrew Bordwin / Drums
Edward Baluyut / Guitar
Ian James / Bass & Vocals
Richard Baluyut / Guitar & Vocals